08H00 : dans les transports, vous consultez vos mails

09H00 : au bureau, vous travaillez sur un document office

10H00 : au café, vous travaillez sur le même document partagé

11H10 : chez le client, vous présentez votre document sur un vidéoprojecteur

12H30 : à la salle de sport, vous prenez des appels

13H30 : au resto, vous partagez vos photos de vacances

14H00 : sur le chantier, vous prenez des photos des travaux en cours et les partagez

17H45 : chez vous, vous finissez votre document sur un cradle et le sauvegarder sur le serveur de l'entreprise



While the trend is towards "bring your own device", deskless, home office,

While it's becoming common to use your own device at work,

While shadow IT takes precedence over the services of a struggling CTO to provide the equivalent services of those that everyone can find on the Internet,

While work and return home periods are no longer so tight,

While we discover ourselves being more mobile by moving from "our" office to the meeting room, from our office to the customer's home,

While we find ourselves wanting to be productive while commuting, on a plane, or in hotels,

It is increasingly important to address these new ways of working, no matter where we work and with whom we work: a colleague, a supplier or a customer. 

We must address these new ways of working effectively and simply.


These new ways of working simply.

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"In an ultra-competitive, cost-conscious environment, all opportunities for cost reduction, including real estate, must be explored. "


"Talent management is not new. Helping employees balance their private and professional lives, adapting to their rhythms of life increases their well-being within the company and their loyalty. "


"I must maintain data security in terms of confidentiality, integrity and availability! "


"In order to secure the company's data, I need to secure the devices used as well as the means of accessing them. The fewer the devices, the easier this becomes. "


"I would like to avoid wasting so much time commuting to work, to be able to carry out complex work in a relaxed environment. Being able to choose between working in the office, in a coworking area or at home allows this to be possible. "

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"I need to have access to the company's data and applications wherever and whenever I want. I need to be able to share data with my suppliers , my customers and my colleagues. If the company does not provide me with it, I would probably use consumer-grade tools available on the market. "

"I can forget my laptop. I can't forget my smartphone. Today, it is the device that is the most precious to me, the one that concentrates the most information, whether it is stored locally or in my company's information system. "

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is a unified digital workspace that provides secure access to native, web and virtual applications published by an application server in a datacenter in the cloud.

Digital Workspace


also aims to facilitate communication within the company, for example by concentrating all communication tools within a single application portal: messaging, calls or file sharing.

Digital Workspace


is not limited to converging the applications and tools provided by the company to its employees. Integrated into OXI, it converges all IT usages into a single computer: the smartphone.

Digital Workspace

Simply connect the smartphone to a monitor, docking station, video projector, etc. and you can use it as a workstation for any occasion, anywhere, anytime, online or offline.


If the applications installed on the smartphone might not be as complete as the full versions, they allow an on-the-go production, even offline.




Our Digital Workspace, with OXI, brings together the diversity of the company's tools and applications, including legacy and business applications, in a single, simple, intuitive and secure environment, accessible from a single device: the smartphone.